Gee, if I only knew then…

…what I know now. Yeah, life is filled with a lot of those moments. My experience with cloth diapering is no different. In the beginning, we tried a bit of everything– AIOs, pockets, fitteds with a cover, with prefolds, aplix, snaps… While I like many of these for different reasons, I always thought that each method should be more practical. After all, if it’s not convenient, who cares how cute it is or how much money you’re saving? I am not afraid to attach a dollar amount to convenience.

So when I decided to go back to work, toddler in tow, I had to make some tough choices. I saved my cloth stash for at-home use, and yes, resorted to disposables while at work. After all, when you have a full schedule of back-to-back clients, performing a diaper “quick change” in a room with no bathroom of it’s own (wait? where I am supposed to dump this?) takes on a whole new dynamic.

As our son’s second birthday approaches, we started to think seriously about the possibility that he would still be in diapers for at least another year yet. A YEAR! Given what we were spending on disposables each month, I knew something had to change. I went on a new cloth diaper quest, and this one led me to Best Bottoms.

An AI2, the outer cover comes in either aplix or snaps that adjust for rise and waist from 8-35 lbs. There is a separate snap-in insert that absorbs the liquids and messes. Changing the child only requires changing the insert, unless a mess somehow manages to get on the cover. Cost saving, space saving… now that’s what I call practical! Since the insert snaps into place, there is no guesswork about what goes where (mostly for daddy’s sake) and no shifting out of place on an active boy. The inserts are amazingly absorbant and solids just fall right off of them. They are also sized to cut down on bulk (I always hated that “diaper waddle” some of the other systems created for my son). Anyhow, I haven’t been this excited about diapers in a long time… and husband is totally on-board with these, which is a big bonus.

Why, why, why did I not find out about these sooner? They have certainly simplified my life, particularly out of the house. They also fit a gDiaper disposable insert nicely, for vacations. I hope to try the Flip disposable insert with these eventually, but since we only use them when on vaca, it will take me a while to use up my current supply of the gDiapers.

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Wife. Mother. Personal trainer. Coupon clipper.Tree hugger. I go by many monikers, but it all boils down to living well, living healthy, living mindfully, and staying within our budget. A San Diego native transplanted to the Southeast, trying to stay true to my convictions. Changing diapers, changing minds, and maybe, someday, the world.
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1 Response to Gee, if I only knew then…

  1. Rebecca Wood says:

    Totally agree with you on Best Bottoms. I just started doing research on cding last summer. I believe Best Bottoms became available in spring 2010. I may be wrong. That is probably why you only recently found out about them. We love Best Bottoms.

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