EcoBritches Diaper Review

As mentioned in a previous post, I ordered these dipes off of eBay, as they were touting that 100% of the proceeds would be donated to the Red Cross relief effort in Japan. They arrived promptly– two days from order to delivery, I believe.

Feel & Construction: *** They are soft as all get-out. The exterior material feels like a soft cotton T-shirt, while the inner is a grey bamboo fleece. The PUL is on the interior; none of it touches baby’s skin (exposed PUL has never irritated my son’s skin, but I know this is a concern for some mommas). Unfortunately, nothing about this diaper feels durable. I love the “soft” factor, but these appear to have single-row seams of thin thread and I highly doubt they could be used for more than one child.

Sizing & Fit: **** I compared these to my Best Bottoms, which are my “everyday” dipes. They are nearly identical in size and cut when the rise is totally unsnapped. No harm, no foul, but I was hoping that the rise would be a bit higher, since Jibbers has a really long torso, apparently. Depending on the manufacturer, I sometimes prefer aplix over snaps because of the customizable fit, but find that a double row helps keep the diaper in place better and prevents droop. The material is super-stretchy and flexible, which is a plus. Jibbers is approximately 29 lbs, 50th percentile for height, and based on the flexibility of the fabric, these seem like they will fit into the 35 lb range, as they claim.

Absorbancy: *** After five washes, though manufacturer instructions state only 2-3, these inserts did absorb quite a bit of water when poured directly on them. I test inserts in this manner before allowing my son to wear new cloth dipes. I prefer to know what I’m getting into first, rather than deal with the mess that could ensue. However, the fleece interior (which make a stay-dry layer) is still somewhat repellent. I would not use these as an overnight; there is not enough additional space in the diaper or pocket to accomodate an extra soaker or doubler.

How did it hold up to a real child? Well, our son is not a heavy wetter, but so far it has held everything in, including #2. Though there are no gussets around the legs (I am a big fan of gussets), the elastic is secure, without leaving red marks.

Laundering: ** I believe in laundering all my dipes the same way (see “Laundering Cloth Diapers); to do otherwise would be impractical, which goes against everything I stand for. So when I found that the covers still weren’t dry 12+ hours later, I was a bit put-off. I turned the covers inside out to complete the process, because water was collecting between the PUL and fleece lining in the bottom of the cover, thanks to gravity. However, this does indeed mean that wetness stays where it ought to, and not next to baby’s skin. The inserts took at least 18 hours to dry completely– ouch! You’d have to own an awful lot of these and be extremely patient.

Overall: *** Practicalmomma will keep these as backups and for use with babysitters, since pocket dipes are pretty straightforward in their adjustment. However, for everyday use, I will stick with my Ai2s.


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