Cooking With Baby Food

This is actually not such a foreign concept to me. I have been known to add select puree varieties to spaghetti sauce, in order to sneak more vegetables into Jibber’s diet. I’m not sure if this qualifies me as a weirdo, but apparently I am not alone. Are you as weird as me? What other unconventional ways do you use baby food? Practicalmomma wants to know… (please don’t say “baby food diet”!)

The folks at Sprout Baby Food recently introduced a contest in cooperation with New York Family magazine and Mini Munchers. They are asking entrants to submit their best recipe for adults or children using baby food– prizes for the best include a new stroller, photo shoot, baby food from Sprout, and various other baby-related goodies. See all the details here:


About practicalmomma

Wife. Mother. Personal trainer. Coupon clipper.Tree hugger. I go by many monikers, but it all boils down to living well, living healthy, living mindfully, and staying within our budget. A San Diego native transplanted to the Southeast, trying to stay true to my convictions. Changing diapers, changing minds, and maybe, someday, the world.
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